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    Six Reasons To Have Nude Diamond On Your Xmas Wishlist

    October 27, 2014 - Posted in , , , ,

    Christmas is still two months away, but we’re already beginning to feel the excitement as the days go shorter and the air gets colder. And most of us have been very busy – for weeks, even months – crafting the perfect wishlist.

    So today, we give you not one, but six excellent reasons to definitely have a Nude Diamond jewelry giftbox under your Christmas tree!

    These reasons are called Simmy, Ali, Crystal, Emma, Wana and Sara. And they are all beautifully talented bloggers from around the world, on top of being Nude Diamond fans since Day One.
    Through this post, we wish to honor them and thank them for their unwavering support.

    Happy reading and happy shopping!

    Simmy Kwon – LiveLoveShop, Japan


    Japan blogger Simmy Kwon wears the Reverie bracelet and Sterling Clover ring – Photo credits: LiveLoveShop

    “I’m so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Nude Diamond. Their jewelry is absolutely stunning and my favorite piece is the Sterling Clover ring which is casual chic for the daytime, but still brings a touch of elegance to evening looks. Nude Diamond is a timeless, classic brand and I’m honored to have been chosen to be one of their brand ambassadors!”


    Ali Lizzi – TheFashionistaAffair, USA


    US blogger Ali Lizzi wears the Venus bracelet and Shamal earrings – Photo credits: TheFashionistaAffair

    “I absolutely love the jewelry designed by Nude Diamond. The designs are beautifully clever, and yet simplistic which make these pieces perfect for everyday wear and for special occasions. If there were one piece that I would love to have, it would be the Esmeralda necklace. The necklace has an interesting shaped diamond surrounded by a gold halo, making it look natural and seamlessly striking. I would absolutely recommend Nude Diamond jewelry as perfect gifts for loved ones, or even yourself!”


    Crystal Lily – FiveFootFourFashion, UK


    US blogger Crystal Lily wears the Lueur necklace – Photo credits: FiveFootFourFashion

    “The magical designs by Nude Diamond are really what makes me love the jewels so much. Each hanging diamond, to me, reflects a star captured in a unique setting and available to everyone to own. Simple, classic but cherished.”


    Emma Bates – MyLondonLifestyle ,UK


    UK blogger Emma Bates wears the Hush earrings – Photo credits: MyLondonLifestyle

    “I first came across Nude Diamond on instagram and was attracted the the simplicity yet beauty of their jewellery, it was all very unique and stylish. What I love even more about the jewellery is that all the diamonds used are ethically sourced; I would hate to think I was wearing diamonds that were indirectly funding conflict zones around the world. I love to find gorgeous jewellery made with love and talent and Nude Diamond makes just that.”


    Wana Miri – WomenOnTopp, The Netherlands


    Dutch blogger Wana Miri – Photo credit: WomenOnTopp

    “Nude Diamond is a gift for the elegant woman to express their personality in jewelry. Nude Diamond can be worn at anytime and that’s what makes the jewelry unique. Elegance and simplicity.”


    Sara Bodinar – MontyManateeWeddings, UK


    UK blogger Sara Bodinar – Photo credit: MontyManateeWeddings

    “I love that Nude Diamond products are completely original but without being gimmicky. They’re stylish, sophisticated and glamorously understated, which to my mind, makes them all the more desirable. “

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