A symphony of sparkling emotions...down your neck.


“Spirit of Nude Diamond” Collection. The two black and white diamonds of the Opera necklace compose a symphony of sparkling emotions down your neck.


As fresh as pearls of dew delicately resting against your skin, the three diamonds of the Cascade necklace will radiate beautifully down your chest, or your back. A unique design by Nude Diamond.


Named after Nude Diamond’s sparkling brand ambassador Sanja Papic, the Sanja necklace will as effortlessly illuminate your chest as it will your back…A brilliant statement piece, by Nude Diamond!


With Nude Diamond’s Angel necklace, let the brightest stars shine down on you! With up to nine diamonds, the Angel necklace will give your neckline unmatched elegance and brilliance.


All you need is a single sparkle from the Lueur necklace down your neckline to liberate your sensuality! Experience the enchanting magic of Nude Diamond jewelry in its purest form.


When two souls shine too brightly to ever part…This is what the Inseparable necklace is all about. A very personal interpretation of everlasting love, by Nude Diamond.


Directly inspired by a Tale of 1001 Nights, Nude Diamond’s betwiching Esmeralda necklace gets its unique beauty and brillance from within the core of its superb marquise diamond.