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World’s Largest Rough Diamond Going for Auction at Sotheby’s

The largest diamond ever discovered in over 100 years will soon be auctioned at the prestigious Sotheby’s, in England. The world’s largest rough diamond, estimated at more than $ 70 million, will be auctioned on June 29 in London, announced auction house Sotheby’s, last May 4. Discovered on 16 November 2015 in the Karowe mine, […]

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World’s Most Expensive Foods Revealed

Tonight’s the night! You’re going to ask her to marry you! You’re going to take her out to a lovely restaurant and you’ll surprise her with the most beautiful diamond ring… At the restaurant, you each order a soup and a pizza (for the sake of this article…) Conversation is light, mood is romantic, so you decide right then and […]

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The Incredible Journey of the Cullinan Diamond (3/3)

To wrap up the Cullinan diamond’s incredible story in full splendor, let’s take a closer look at the nine largest diamonds cut from the rough stone. All these diamonds are part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom and are on display in the Tower of London; so make sure to stop by, next […]

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The Incredible Journey of the Cullinan Diamond (2/3)

In the previous article, we learned that the discovery of the Cullinan diamond by Frederick Wells, in 1905, was nothing short of a miracle! As you’re about to read, the events following this historical finding are just as extraordinary and it took all the genius and talent of one single man to complete the legend of […]

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The Incredible Journey of the Cullinan Diamond (1/3)

In the sparkling realm of diamonds, there is one that is simply beyond any superlatives: the Cullinan, the largest diamond ever found. With its mind-boggling 3.106 carats of absolute purity, this perfect stone could hardly go unnoticed. Yet, this is precisely what nearly happened, on that late afternoon of January 26, 1905 … THE CULLINAN DIAMOND Faithful glass replica […]

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Quiz – Are You a Diamond Expert?

Think you know diamonds well? Good! How well, though? Only one way to find out if you’re a diamond expert… Play our trivia quiz and see how you score! Enjoy

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What Are the 4Cs of Diamond Quality?

Just like buying a new house or a new car, buying a diamond is a very special and exciting moment! But since no two diamonds are exactly alike, choosing the right diamond for you can be quite confusing if you don’t know what to look for and how diamond quality is measured. Diamond grading is […]

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Let There Be Diamond!

Diamond… One of Mother Nature’s purest and rarest occurrences. Diamonds have fascinated us for centuries, but what miracle of nature, deep within the core of the earth, can cause a vulgar carbon molecule to turn into a structure as pure and perfect ? Let’s begin this journey in space and time… Birth of a Diamond Diamonds […]